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Whispers of Inspiration

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 (Holy Bible NIV)

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These 52 weekly Spirit-inspired inspirations will empower and inspire you to practice self-love and self-care and live a more peaceful, abundant and purposeful life. These one minute inspirations were written for busy women who would like to set aside some "me" time and are ready for a lifestyle change. Make a promise to yourself to set aside ONE MINUTE PER WEEK for YOU to restore and refresh your spirit. Today is the day to begin your journey. IT IS YOUR TIME! 

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A Time For Restoration and Reflection

Winter is a season and time for restoration and reflection. It's a time to reflect on the past year and begin to focus on your direction in life for the New Year. Winter is a time to discover and experience stillness in the hectic pace of life as you replenish your energy. It is also a time to enjoy the beauty of nature such as the gentle snowflakes falling from the sky, snow-covered trees and rooftops, the beautiful glow and warmth from a fireplace or the sun, a mesmerizing sunset or the smell of cookies baking in the oven. Are there different choices you wish you had made during the past year or are there things you would like to change in your life for the upcoming year? Would you like to schedule more time for self-care for your physical, emotional and spiritual health? Is it time to reconnect with friends you have not seen in a while?

Create a quiet sacred place and take three deep diaphragmatic breaths to calm your mind and spirit. Then, listen to the quiet whispers of our heart for guidance towards your next journey into the new year. 

Journal your thoughts as you reflect upon the whispers of winter and how this inspiration inspired you to make any changes in your life for the new year. 

Whispers of Gratitude...What three things are you grateful for today?




Blessings and Love from my Heart to Yours,



It is a book that you will not want to put down. I read many inspirations that were related to my life. It actually makes you sit back and reflect on your situation. There were days I would lose track of the time as you really get caught up in the many pages of this book. Great book Sandy Philbin can't wait till you publish another one. FANTASTIC - Janet

I have given this book as a gift to dozens of my clients. It is heartfelt, meaningful and easy to sit for just a few minutes to help keep you mindful and centered. Sandy is as wonderful as this book! I recommend this book to everyone! - Stephanie

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Do you have a minute?  Not for me, FOR YOU!  If you are ready for a change in your life and are interested in Health, Oils, and Inspirations you have come to the right place. My SHE CARE programs are perfect for you to restore your health and well-being so you can live the life you desire. Experience love for yourself for love is at the core of your inner being. YOU ARE LOVE! It is time to love yourself enough to give yourself the time you need to experience the whispers deep within your heart and soul.

You will have access to free health and wellness information, general information on essential oils, and one minute inspirations to keep you moving forward. I am excited to be a part of your new journey in life.

Watch for exciting self-care information in 2020.

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